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Chinese Premier Chairs State Council Executive Meeting on Economic Matters

Beijing, April 12, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese Premier Li Qiang presided over a State Council executive meeting on Friday to discuss key initiatives aimed at accelerating development in the central region of China and addressing economic challenges, as reported by official sources.

During the meeting, reports were presented on energy conservation, carbon reduction efforts, and measures to address payment arrears to enterprises. Additionally, the meeting focused on enhancing safety standards for electric moped scooters.

To invigorate growth in the central region, the meeting emphasized the need to deepen integration between scientific and industrial innovation, strengthen regional coordination, and advance comprehensive reforms and high-level opening-up initiatives. The goal is to leverage the region’s geographical and resource advantages for sustainable development.

Addressing payment arrears to enterprises was highlighted as crucial for improving the business environment, supporting economic recovery, and enhancing government credibility. The meeting called for sustained efforts to implement a special action plan to clear debts and establish a robust long-term mechanism to resolve payment issues.

In the context of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the meeting emphasized aligning these efforts with effective investment strategies, the modernization of residential areas, equipment upgrades, and consumer goods trade-ins.

Regarding electric moped scooters, comprehensive measures were discussed to enhance safety across all aspects of production, sales, usage, parking, charging, and recycling. The objective is to ensure the safety of individuals and protect property.

The meeting concluded with a focus on implementing these measures efficiently to support economic growth, improve environmental sustainability, and enhance overall safety standards across various sectors of the economy.