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Brandenburg Gate

Thousands Gather at Brandenburg Gate for Cannabis “Smoke-In”

Berlin, April 21, 2024, The Europe Today: Thousands of people assembled at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate on Saturday for a spirited “Smoke-In” event celebrating the recent legalization of cannabis in Germany. Berlin police reported that approximately 4,000 attendees converged at the landmark to mark the legalization of cannabis consumption in the country.

The event, characterized by live concert performances and impassioned speeches by activists, epitomized a festive atmosphere as participants reveled in the freedom to enjoy their once-taboo drug of choice openly. Throughout the gathering, individuals proudly displayed signs bearing slogans like “Not everyone wants to drink,” underscoring a shift away from traditional social norms toward a more accepting attitude toward cannabis use.

Despite the jubilant festivities, a more sobering announcement emerged from Deutsche Bahn (DB) on the same day. The national railway operator declared a prohibition on smoking hashish and cannabis at train stations across Germany, citing the legal parameters governing public cannabis consumption, particularly concerning pedestrian zones and areas near schools and playgrounds. DB, which typically designates specific areas for cigarette and cigar smoking on platforms, emphasized the need to ensure passenger safety, especially for children and young people.

The legalization of cannabis in Germany, effective earlier this month, permits adults to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis and cultivate up to three marijuana plants at home. This progressive shift in policy reflects evolving societal attitudes toward recreational drug use.

The gathering at the Brandenburg Gate coincided with April 20, widely recognized as “4/20,” a global day of cannabis celebration and activism. The significance of the date traces back to anecdotes from the origins of US cannabis culture in the 1960s and ’70s, contributing to its enduring symbolism among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

The legalization of cannabis marks a significant milestone in Germany’s approach to drug policy, prompting spirited celebrations tempered by practical considerations like those outlined by Deutsche Bahn.

As the cannabis legalization landscape evolves, events like the “Smoke-In” underscore the changing perceptions and growing acceptance of cannabis use within German society.