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Uzbekistan and Latvia

Uzbekistan and Latvia Strengthen Cooperation in Anti-Corruption Efforts

Riga, April 23, 2024, The Europe Today: A delegation from Uzbekistan, led by Umida Tokhtasheva, Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency of Uzbekistan, held discussions with Anita Kruminya, Director of the Central Agency of Finance and Agreements under the Ministry of Finance of Latvia, during a visit to Riga, as reported by Uzbek media sources.

According to diplomatic sources from Uzbekistan, the negotiations centered on advancing mutual cooperation to support transformation processes in Uzbekistan, drawing on Latvia’s reform experience and advanced European expertise.

Anita Kruminya highlighted Uzbekistan’s significance as the first foreign partner of the Agency following the expansion of its powers and functions, underscoring the priority importance Riga places on cooperation with Uzbekistan.

“We highly value President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s initiatives in implementing administrative reforms, combating corruption, advancing democratization, and protecting human rights,” stated Anita Kruminya. “We are prepared to share Latvia’s practical experiences in these crucial areas.”

Additionally, the Latvian delegation disclosed plans to initiate a grant project in collaboration with BM TTD and GIZ in Tashkent, aimed at assisting Uzbekistan in adopting global best practices in combating corruption. The project’s initial phase is scheduled to commence in June 2024.

The grant project will focus on implementing a competency-based management system for employees, enhancing transparency in state institutions’ activities, and advancing digitization processes as effective measures against corruption.

This collaborative effort signifies a strengthened commitment between Uzbekistan and Latvia to combat corruption and foster administrative reforms, reflecting shared objectives in promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability within government institutions.

The exchange of expertise and support from Latvia underscores a strategic partnership aimed at advancing Uzbekistan’s anti-corruption agenda and reinforcing governance frameworks aligned with international standards.