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Need to Develop Definitive Accounts of Novel Economic Technologies

Need to Develop Definitive Accounts of Novel Economic Technologies

Islamabad, April 26, 2024, The Europe Today: ‘We must develop definitive accounts of novel economic technologies.’ This was the core message of a book launch for the edited volume titled ‘Non-Fungible Tokens: Multidisciplinary Perspectives,’ held at the Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS), Islamabad.

Dr Usman W. Chohan, Advisor for Economic Affairs and National Development, CASS, and the book’s editor, presented the key findings of the edited volume, and urged all stakeholders in Pakistani society to be aware of emerging economic technologies for Pakistan’s development. Focused on the blockchain-based technology known as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), the edited volume brought together 14 renowned authors from 10 countries spanning 8 academic disciplines, including economics, technology, mathematics, law, and sociology, among others.

Dr Chohan’s presentation was accompanied by remarks from contributors to the edited volume Dr Hong Bao (China), Alesha Serada (Finland), Drs. Thapeli Matima & Nyane Mofokeng (South Africa), and Dr Carlos Yebra López (Spain). The speakers covered key aspects relating to the economics, technology, semiotics, and sociology of NFTs as contained in their chapters.

Senior Director Air Marshal Farooq Habib (Retd) congratulated Dr Chohan on this seventh book at CASS and emphasised the role of innovation and technology in economic development. He urged young researchers to remain abreast of economic technologies and to make contributions to their advancement. Given the scope and detail covered in the collective research endeavour, he lauded the comprehensiveness of the book and expressed hope that the edited volume would serve as the definitive account of NFTs internationally for many years to come.