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Air China Resumes Beijing-Madrid-Sao Paulo Route, Reconnecting China with South America

Beijing, April 28, 2024, The Europe Today: Air China, the esteemed flag carrier airline of the country, announced the official resumption of its Beijing-Madrid-Sao Paulo passenger air route on Sunday, marking a significant milestone after a hiatus of over four years. The revival of this vital route signals Air China’s strategic return to the South American market, bolstering connectivity between China and Brazil.

Amidst anticipation and excitement, a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, laden with more than 263 passengers, embarked on its journey from Beijing Capital International Airport at approximately 3 p.m. (Beijing Time) on Sunday, heralding Air China’s renewed presence in South America. Covering a formidable distance of nearly 17,584 kilometers each way, these flights are poised to become one of the world’s longest one-stop flights, requiring over 25 hours of travel time to reach Brazil.

According to Air China’s schedule, flights are slated to depart at 3 p.m. every Thursday and Sunday from Beijing, with a scheduled stopover in Madrid, Spain, before concluding the journey in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at 5:05 a.m. local time. The return flight from Sao Paulo departs at 9:15 a.m., arriving back in Beijing at 7:30 p.m.

Zhou Yeting, a representative from Air China, expressed enthusiasm about the route’s resumption, highlighting its potential to foster economic, cultural, and personnel exchanges between China and Brazil. “We will further increase the flight frequencies according to market conditions,” Zhou remarked, underscoring Air China’s commitment to adaptability and responsiveness to evolving travel demands. “In the future, Air China will also actively promote cooperation with local Brazilian airlines, accelerate the restoration of network connectivity, continuously optimize services, enhance passenger travel experiences, and meet diverse travel needs.”

As Air China reestablishes its presence in the South American market, passengers can look forward to seamless travel experiences, unparalleled service, and enhanced connectivity between China and Brazil. The resumption of the Beijing-Madrid-Sao Paulo route not only signifies a significant milestone for Air China but also serves as a catalyst for strengthening bilateral ties and fostering greater international cooperation in the realm of aviation and beyond.