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Aya Bayramova

Turkmenistan’s Aya Bayramova Clinches Bronze at World Blitz Chess Championship for Cadets

Ashgabat, April 29, 2024, The Europe Today: In a remarkable display of talent and strategic prowess, 9-year-old Aya Bayramova from Turkmenistan secured a bronze medal at the prestigious World Blitz Chess Championship among cadets (children under 12 years old).

The esteemed tournament, held in the historic Albanian city of Durres from April 26 to 28, witnessed the participation of 375 young chess prodigies hailing from 43 countries, as reported by the press service of the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan.

Under the guidance of her esteemed mentor, Guljakhan Ovlyakuliyeva, Aya Bayramova showcased exceptional skill and determination, amassing a commendable score of 7.5 points out of a possible 11 in the girls’ category under 10 years old. Aya’s sterling performance saw her yield only to the tournament champion, Alisa Henrietta Junker from Russia, who secured 10 points, and Indian prodigy Sharvaanika A.S., who garnered 9 points.

Furthermore, Dunya Ruslanova, another promising talent representing Turkmenistan in the same age category, demonstrated promising potential, albeit an unfortunate misstep in the final round hindered her ascent, landing her in the 7th position among 41 participants.

Additionally, in the fiercely contested girls’ category under 8 years old, 7-year-old Aylar Khemraeva displayed remarkable resilience and skill, clinching an impressive fifth place in the blitz format.

The stellar performances of Turkmenistan’s young chess prodigies underscore the burgeoning prowess of the national chess school, with the majority of participants from Turkmenistan excelling across various age categories. The Chess Federation of Turkmenistan attributes this success to the concerted efforts aimed at fostering the development of children’s chess, including the expansion of tournament opportunities, the implementation of the FIDE rating system, digitalization initiatives, and the growing motivation among young athletes to represent their country on the global stage.

As Turkmenistan continues to nurture its burgeoning chess talent, the achievements of Aya Bayramova and her fellow compatriots serve as a testament to the nation’s commitment to excellence in the realm of chess and its aspirations for continued success on the international stage.