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Beijing to Promote Clean Energy for New Energy Vehicles

Beijing, May 15, 2024, The Europe Today: Beijing is set to vigorously promote clean energy consumption for new energy vehicles (NEVs) as part of its ongoing efforts to advance green development and encourage a low-carbon lifestyle, according to the local municipal development and reform commission.

In its latest initiative, the commission will actively support public institutions, enterprises, industrial parks, data centers, and charging pile operators in purchasing and using clean electricity to charge NEVs. This move is aimed at significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with vehicle charging and fostering a sustainable urban environment.

The commission reported a substantial increase in the amount of clean electricity traded this year through the power trading platform, with the volume reaching 2.4 times that of 2023. This surge underscores the city’s commitment to integrating clean energy sources into its NEV infrastructure.

By promoting the use of clean electricity for NEVs, Beijing aims to set a benchmark for green urban development and support China’s broader goals of achieving carbon neutrality and enhancing environmental protection.