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New Program in Bruges Aims to Train Young Central Asian Diplomats

Bruges, May 15, 2024, The Europe Today: A new educational program organized by the College of Europe with the assistance of the European External Action Service has been launched in Bruges. This initiative is specifically aimed at training young diplomats from Central Asian countries.

At the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of Turkmenistan, Sapar Palvanov, emphasized the critical importance of this initiative in the context of strengthening ties between regions, according to the press service of the Turkmen diplomatic mission.

The program, developed in collaboration with leading European educational institutions, spans a two-week training period during which participants will study the activities of the institutions of the European Union. The primary objective of this program is to promote mutual understanding and to deepen cooperation mechanisms between the EU and the countries of Central Asia.

Ambassador Palvanov highlighted that the current period is unique for the creation and strengthening of new cooperation mechanisms. He reiterated Turkmenistan’s readiness to continue supporting the program and to contribute to its further development.

The event also focused on the future of educational programs and their role in the development of diplomatic relations. During conversations with Federico Mogherini, Director of the College of Europe, and Luc Devin, Regional Director of the European External Action Service, the prospects and hopes for increased cooperation were discussed.

This initiative marks a significant step towards deepening educational and cultural ties between Central Asia and the European Union, promoting cultural exchange, and strengthening diplomatic relations between the regions.