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Madalena Fisher

Uzbekistan Welcomes New Portuguese Ambassador, Madalena Fisher

Tashkent, May 16, 2024, The Europe Today: Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, Bakhtiyor Saidov, received Madalena Fisher, the newly appointed ambassador of Portugal, according to reports from Uzbek media sources.

In a warm reception, Minister Saidov officially accepted the credentials from Ambassador Fisher during their meeting. Expressing pleasure at the occasion, Minister Saidov conveyed his best wishes to Ambassador Fisher and emphasized the importance of strengthening bilateral relations between Uzbekistan and Portugal. He highlighted that the current state of relations between the two countries does not fully reflect their existing potential, and underscored the commitment of both Uzbekistan and Portugal to enhancing cooperation in various fields.

In a statement shared on his telegram channel, Minister Saidov stated, “We are pleased to receive credentials from the newly appointed Ambassador of Portugal to Uzbekistan, Mrs. Madalena Fisher. We emphasized the need to strengthen our bilateral relations, as the current situation does not correspond to the existing potential. The Uzbek-Portuguese ministries of foreign affairs will be the initiators of these efforts. We wish the Ambassador success in realizing the great potential of the relations between our countries and using it effectively during her diplomatic activities in Uzbekistan.”

The diplomatic relationship between Uzbekistan and Portugal was established on August 12, 1992. In October 2023, Minister Bakhtiyor Saidov met with Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs João Gomes Cravinho during negotiations in Luxembourg. Discussions during this meeting centered on strengthening political dialogue, enhancing trade-economic and investment cooperation, and promoting cultural and tourism exchanges between the two nations.

The appointment of Ambassador Madalena Fisher signals a commitment to furthering the diplomatic ties between Uzbekistan and Portugal, with both countries poised to explore new avenues of collaboration and deepen their longstanding friendship.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan looks forward to working closely with Ambassador Fisher to advance mutual interests and foster greater cooperation between Uzbekistan and Portugal in the years to come.