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Pakistan Climate Youth Leaders Roundtable in Islamabad: Empowering Youth to Lead Climate Diplomacy

Pakistan Climate Youth Leaders Roundtable in Islamabad: Empowering Youth to Lead Climate Diplomacy

Islamabad, May 17, 2024, The Europe Today: Today marked a pivotal moment in the global fight against climate change as the Pakistan Climate Youth Leaders Roundtable convened in Islamabad, uniting young leaders from across the nation to take charge in combating the pressing environmental crisis.

Recognizing the urgent need for action, youth leaders affirmed their commitment to spearhead climate change diplomacy, understanding that their future hangs in the balance. As the generation most severely impacted by the consequences of climate change, young people are uniquely positioned to drive meaningful change and influence policy at the highest levels.

“At the heart of today’s discussions lies the acknowledgment that youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today,” remarked Mr. Qaiser Nawab, a prominent global climate youth leader who shared insights and inspiration at the roundtable. “It is imperative that we empower young people to take their seat at the policy-making table and shape the decisions that will determine the fate of our planet.”

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The roundtable served as a platform for Pakistan’s top young leaders to converge in Islamabad, with a shared aspiration to engage directly with the COP-29 presidency. These passionate individuals represent the vanguard of a new era of climate activism, armed with knowledge, resilience, and a steadfast dedication to effecting real change for themselves and future generations.

“Youth have historically been manipulated by various stakeholders for their own interests, but today’s youth are different,” emphasized a participant at the roundtable. “We are informed, we are smart, and above all, we are united in our commitment to safeguarding our planet for generations to come.” Mr. Nawab affirmed this sentiment.

Ms. Fizza Hameed, a climate researcher and policy analyst, emphasized the imperative for youth to advocate for enhancing the capacity of local and Provincial governments in addressing the climate crisis, as mandated by the 18th Amendment. She urged youth to actively engage with their local and Provincial governments to foster sustainable climate action and promote sustainable development in Pakistan. Mr. Sher Shah added “Don’t think Youth are small, because collectively we have the power to change the world”

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Ms. Zarka, President of “THE” Society International (Together for Health and Education), shed light on the pressing issue of the disproportionate impact of climate-induced disasters on women and children. “We cannot turn a blind eye to the harsh reality that women and children bear an unequal burden of the climate crisis,” she stated. “From the heightened risks during childbirth to the exacerbation of malnutrition among children due to floods, the toll is devastating.”

As the world looks ahead to COP-29, the voices of these youth leaders will serve as a beacon of hope and determination, advocating for bold and transformative action on the global stage. Their presence in Islamabad signals a turning point in the fight against climate change, as young people emerge as the driving force behind a more sustainable and equitable future.