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A Shared Vision for Global Order – Putin’s Visit to China Strengthens Strategic Partnership

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to China, which concluded yesterday, was rich in symbolism and substance. The two nations released a joint statement underscoring their commitment to further enhancing their comprehensive strategic partnership and advocating for the democratization of international relations.

This visit, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Beijing and Moscow, covered a broad spectrum of topics from bilateral trade and energy cooperation to global geopolitical issues.

The joint statement expressed significant concerns over the containment policies of the United States and its allies. This visit marked Putin’s first foreign state visit since being re-elected as president, a gesture that highlights the close relationship and mutual respect between him and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two leaders have engaged in over 40 extended discussions and summits over the past decade, demonstrating a deep and enduring partnership.

Despite attempts by the US and NATO to weaken Russia, curb China’s development, and drive a wedge between the two nations through the Ukraine crisis and strategic alliances in the Asia-Pacific, Beijing and Moscow have maintained a strong and cooperative relationship. China continues to avoid conflict while firmly protecting its core interests, and Russia has consistently supported China’s stance on Taiwan.

This solid foundation of China-Russia relations, built over a quarter-century, has been particularly robust in the past decade under the leadership of Putin and Xi. The West’s criticism of China for not intervening in the Ukraine crisis overlooks China’s ongoing efforts to mediate and promote peace. Both nations reiterated their stance against nuclear-armed states engaging in direct military confrontation, showcasing China’s commitment to peace and Russia’s restraint.

The US-led NATO’s actions have exacerbated the Ukraine crisis, moving away from its original defensive posture to an expansionist and ideologically driven stance. The recent $95 billion aid package passed by the US Congress, aimed at supplying arms to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, further intensifies regional tensions. This aid comes amidst Israel’s ongoing offensive in Gaza and the US’s repeated vetoes of UN cease-fire resolutions, highlighting a stark contrast to the peace-promoting efforts of China and Russia.

The long-standing partnership between Russia and China has been structured through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) since 2001, which stands as a peaceful counterpoint to NATO’s aggressive policies. The SCO has fostered stability and cooperation in Eurasia, reflecting the constructive approach of its member states.

Putin’s visit to China reaffirms the mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations. Both Russia and China are focused on developing their domestic economies and improving the living standards of their peoples. This visit is yet another testament to the enduring strength of their bilateral ties and their shared vision for a peaceful and prosperous global order.

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Mr. Muhammad Ali Pasha is an analyst and expert on Central Asia, South East Asia, China, Türkiye and Middle East having experience in the field of article writing in various renowned journals and newspapers across the globe. Furthermore, he is a writer and poet.