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Chinese President Xi Jinping Calls for Deepening Reform to Advance Chinese Modernization

Jinan, May 23, 2024, The Europe Today: Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the need for further deepening reforms across all sectors to advance Chinese modernization during a symposium held on Thursday. The symposium, chaired by Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, was attended by representatives from businesses and academia.

In his remarks, President Xi underscored the importance of comprehensive reform efforts to drive the country’s modernization agenda. He highlighted that these reforms are crucial for achieving the goals set forth by the Communist Party of China and ensuring the nation’s continued economic and social development.

Xi’s call for intensified reform measures reflects the Chinese government’s commitment to fostering innovation, improving governance, and enhancing the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the Chinese economy. The symposium in Jinan served as a platform for exchanging ideas and strategies to propel these reforms forward and realize the vision of Chinese modernization.

As China navigates complex domestic and international challenges, Xi’s emphasis on reform and modernization underscores the leadership’s focus on sustainable development and long-term prosperity for the nation.