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Indonesia Highlights Regional Role in Water Management at World Water Forum

Bali, May 22, 2024, The Europe Today: Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian underscored the critical role of regional governments in water management during the Local and Regional Government (LRG) session at the 10th World Water Forum held in Bali on Wednesday. Emphasizing the importance of local contributions to global water issues, Karnavian called for heightened regional involvement in addressing water-related challenges.

“In the first two days of this international forum, our leaders have spoken about water-related issues at the international and national levels. Today, we discuss the role of regional governments in water management,” Karnavian stated in a release from his ministry. The LRG session, attended by representatives from regional governments, domestic and international associations, and global organizations, focused on two main themes: water as a global common good and sustainable water infrastructure management and financing strategies.

Karnavian highlighted the urgency of building joint commitments to mitigate water risks and the necessity of addressing the financing gap for developing clean water infrastructure. He stressed that regional governments should align their policies to ensure water security, enhance water governance and diplomacy, improve water quality, and guarantee access to safe drinking water.

Additionally, Karnavian proposed several measures for regional contributions, including long-term infrastructure investment through innovative financing, fostering inter-regional and international cooperation, and increasing public awareness and community participation in water and sanitation management. He expressed optimism that the forum would generate actionable solutions tailored to the specific challenges and characteristics of each country.

In Indonesia, the central government supports regional initiatives and the exchange of best practices with international counterparts, provided they comply with national laws. Karnavian’s remarks at the forum reflect a commitment to leveraging regional strengths for sustainable water management on both local and global scales.