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Kazakhstan Proposes International Literary Prize Named After Magtymguly at Ashgabat Conference

Ashgabat, May 28, 2024, The Europe Today: Aida Balaeva, Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, proposed the establishment of an international literary prize named after the renowned poet and thinker Magtymguly at an international conference in Ashgabat. The conference marked the 300th anniversary of Magtymguly’s birth, and the proposal was reported on the Ministry of Culture and Information of Kazakhstan’s website.

Highlighting the significant impact of Magtymguly’s works on the younger generation and youth across the Eastern world, Minister Balaeva emphasized the dynamic development of cultural and humanitarian relations between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. She stated:

“Today we see how dynamically our relations are developing and mutual creative work is being carried out in the cultural and humanitarian sphere. Undoubtedly, this is all thanks to the efforts and personal, trusting, friendly ties of the leaders of the two countries. The rich heritage of Magtymguly Fragi is becoming even more important for our peoples. As a symbol and guarantee of friendship, respect of the Kazakh people for the poet and in his person for the entire fraternal Turkmen people, all the necessary work is being carried out in the capital of our country to erect a monument to the outstanding thinker,” said Minister Balaeva.

In her speech, Balaeva called on her colleagues to systematically promote the creativity of influential cultural figures like Magtymguly and integrate their works into the global cultural space. The proposed international literary prize named after Magtymguly aims to honor and perpetuate the poet’s legacy, fostering greater cultural collaboration and appreciation across the region.

The establishment of this prize would not only celebrate the literary and philosophical contributions of Magtymguly but also strengthen the cultural bonds between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, reflecting a shared commitment to preserving and promoting their rich cultural heritage.