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Hanoi Nursing Centre

Chính Visits and Presents Gifts to Children at Hanoi Nursing Centre for Children with Disabilities

Hanoi, May 31, 2024, The Europe Today: Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính visited the Hanoi nursing centre for children with disabilities on May 31, in celebration of International Children’s Day and the commencement of Action Month for Children 2024. During his visit, the Prime Minister presented gifts to the children and engaged with staff members, teachers, and the young residents of the centre.

Established in 1978, the Hanoi nursing centre operates under the management of the Hà Nội Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs. The centre is dedicated to the care, functional rehabilitation, general education, vocational training, and career guidance of children with disabilities. Currently, 130 children with special disabilities are receiving care and education at the facility, where they are also taught essential life skills to facilitate their reintegration into the community.

Addressing the children and staff, PM Chính highlighted the vital role children play as a source of happiness for families and as the future of the nation. He stressed that caring for, educating, and protecting children is a strategic, long-term priority crucial for preparing and enhancing the nation’s human resources for industrialisation, modernisation, and global integration. “Investing in children means investing in the nation’s future,” he stated.

The Prime Minister called on all levels of Party committees, administrations, organisations, families, schools, and society at large to commit to this essential work. He affirmed that the Party and State have consistently prioritized child care and protection, ensuring the best conditions for children to develop comprehensively in a safe and healthy environment. They have also respected and responded to children’s wishes and opinions, striving to guarantee children’s interests in relevant decisions.

PM Chính urged for stronger determination, greater efforts, practical actions, and more resources to be allocated for child care, education, and protection. He emphasized the need for effective implementation of mechanisms and policies on child care, protection, and education. Additionally, he called for enhanced public-private partnerships to attract more social resources for upgrading education infrastructure for disabled students and fully implementing student policies.

Expressing his appreciation for the dedication of teachers at the centre and similar institutions, PM Chính encouraged them to continue overcoming challenges and supporting their students, helping them become valuable and contributing members of society.

The Prime Minister also encouraged the children to persevere, remain determined, and nurture their dreams and aspirations, overcoming challenges to acquire knowledge and skills. He emphasized the importance of inspiring their peers and contributing positively to society.

On this occasion, PM Chính expressed his gratitude and hopes for continued support from domestic and international organisations, individuals, and philanthropists for the care, protection, and education of disabled children.