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Paris Olympics

18-Year-Old Suspect Arrested for Plotting Terror Attack on Paris Olympics

Paris, June 01, 2024, The Europe Today: Authorities in France have arrested an 18-year-old suspected of plotting an “Islamist-inspired” terror attack during the upcoming Paris Olympics. The suspect, identified as an individual of Chechen origin, was apprehended in Saint-Etienne, located in southeast France, on May 22.

The Interior Ministry released a statement on Friday night, detailing the arrest and stating that the suspect “intended to attack spectators but also security forces and die as a martyr.” This arrest is noted as the “first foiled attack against the Olympic Games.”

According to the ministry, the suspect was actively preparing an attack on the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium in Saint-Etienne, where Olympic soccer matches are scheduled to take place. The suspect has been charged with terrorist conspiracy and remains in pretrial detention. Notably, he was not previously known to authorities. His brother, a minor, was also arrested but was subsequently released.

The Paris organizing committee expressed gratitude for the swift action by law enforcement. “We applaud the efficiency of the services and their exceptional mobilization to ensure the security of the Games,” the committee said in a statement. “Security is the number one priority for Paris 2024.”

This development highlights the ongoing vigilance and efforts by French authorities to ensure the safety and security of the Paris Olympics, set to be a major global event.