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China's Anti-Graft Chief

China’s Anti-Graft Chief Stresses High Standards in Party Discipline Education

Chengdu, June 01, 2024, The Europe Today: Li Xi, China’s top anti-corruption official, has underscored the importance of enforcing Party discipline education with stringent standards and requirements. Li, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and secretary of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), made these remarks during a four-day investigation and research tour in Sichuan Province, which concluded on Saturday.

Li emphasized that discipline inspection and supervision agencies across the country should implement the directives from the CCDI’s third plenary session and advance the high-quality development of their work.

During his tour, Li engaged in comprehensive discussions with ethnic minority communities in a village in Leshan City. He highlighted the need to address misconduct and corruption that directly affect the public and called for stricter enforcement of Party discipline at the grassroots level.

Li’s itinerary also included visits to an aviation company, an underground utility tunnel, the municipal public security bureau, and a police station in Chengdu, the provincial capital. At these locations, he called for enhanced political oversight and anti-corruption measures that align with the nation’s core interests, aiming to support high-quality economic and social development.

Addressing a symposium during his tour, Li stressed that discipline inspection and supervision agencies must exemplify the principles of Party discipline education, which is a central task in this year’s Party-building efforts. He also advocated for integrating Party discipline education with initiatives to eliminate unnecessary formalities, aiming to alleviate burdens at the primary level.

Li’s tour and remarks reflect a continued commitment to strengthening Party discipline and combating corruption, ensuring that these efforts contribute to the overall stability and development of the nation.