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UK Ambassador to Mexico Removed After Video Controversy

Mexico City, June 01, 2024, The Europe Today: The UK’s ambassador to Mexico, Jon Benjamin, has been removed from his post following the circulation of a controversial video. The footage, which shows Benjamin jokingly pointing what appears to be a high-powered rifle at staff, sparked significant controversy.

In the video, Benjamin is seen in the front seat of a vehicle, aiming the weapon towards staff seated at the back. The incident reportedly occurred during a trip to the northern Mexican state of Durango.

According to the Financial Times, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter, Benjamin, a career diplomat, was dismissed from his position as ambassador shortly after the incident in April. The report also noted that the staff member seated in the back was a local employee.

In response to inquiries about the incident, the UK government stated, “We are aware of this incident and have taken appropriate action. Where internal issues do arise, the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office) has robust Human Resources processes to address them.”

The official biography page on the UK government’s website indicates that Benjamin served as the ambassador to Mexico from 2021 to 2024, without providing further details. Benjamin’s LinkedIn profile also confirms that his mission in Mexico City ended in May, and it currently lists his status as “in transition.”

Before his tenure in Mexico, Benjamin held diplomatic positions representing the UK in Chile, Ghana, Turkey, Indonesia, and the United States.