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Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to UK Holds Video Conference with Irish Foreign Affairs Official

London, June 08, 2024, The Europe Today: Ambassador Ravshan Usmanov of Uzbekistan held a video conference meeting with Dirbla Doyle, Director of the European Neighborhood Department at the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to discuss the broad measures being implemented in New Uzbekistan and explore avenues for further cooperation between the two nations.

During the conversation, the Irish side received detailed information about the extensive reforms and developments underway in Uzbekistan across various sectors. Ambassador Usmanov highlighted the significant progress made in enhancing governance, economic stability, and social welfare as part of Uzbekistan’s transformation.

The dialogue covered prospects for enhancing Uzbekistan-Ireland cooperation, with particular emphasis on several key areas:

  1. Bilateral Political Dialogue: Both parties expressed a strong interest in activating and deepening political dialogue at various levels, including high-level visits and regular consultations.
  2. International Cooperation: The discussion included potential cooperation within international organizations, where both countries can support mutual interests and global initiatives.
  3. Inter-Parliamentary Relations: The importance of strengthening inter-parliamentary ties was underscored, with plans to facilitate exchanges and collaborative efforts between the legislative bodies of Uzbekistan and Ireland.
  4. Trade and Economic Relations: Expanding mutual trade and investment was a focal point, with both sides expressing a commitment to diversify economic ties and explore new opportunities for business and investment partnerships.
  5. Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation: The meeting also addressed the potential for cultural exchanges and humanitarian initiatives to foster a deeper understanding and connection between the peoples of Uzbekistan and Ireland.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both sides agreed to continue diplomatic efforts to discuss and implement practical measures for realizing the potential for cooperation in these areas. This commitment reflects a shared vision for a strengthened and diversified partnership between Uzbekistan and Ireland.

The video conference marks a significant step towards building a more robust and dynamic relationship between the two countries, leveraging their respective strengths and opportunities for mutual benefit.