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Vietnam Golf Association and Singapore Golf Association Sign MoU to Boost Golf Development

Hanoi, June 08, 2024, The Europe Today: The Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) and Singapore Golf Association (SGA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of golf in both countries. The agreement, effective for three years, aims to enhance professional training, share strategic experiences, and promote high-performance athletic development.

Details of the MoU

Under the terms of the MoU, VGA and SGA will:

  • Coordinate Professional Training: The associations will organize professional golf training courses for leaders and board members, focusing on strategic and management skills essential for golf development.
  • Conduct Training Camps: High-performance athletes from both countries will participate in training camps held in Vietnam or Singapore. These camps will address skills development, physical and mental conditioning, and tactical improvements under the guidance of leading experts from both nations.
  • Host Annual Friendly Tournaments: Friendly tournaments will be organized yearly, providing athletes with opportunities to exchange knowledge, learn, and gain valuable competition experience.

Statements from the Leaders

Tan Chong Huat, Chairman of SGA, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “The SGA side is happy with the cooperation relationship with VGA because both associations share the same vision of promoting close relationships and furthering golf activities between Singapore and Vietnam. This partnership will serve as an ideal platform for knowledge exchange through interaction and engagement among managers, members, and golfers.”

Bạch Cường Khang, Deputy General Secretary of VGA, emphasized the significance of the agreement: “In addition to sharing knowledge on best practices and player development, this MoU provides a valuable opportunity to deepen the international relationship between our two countries. I believe that this cooperation will bring benefits to golfers, as well as the managers and members of both associations. VGA looks forward to this meaningful collaboration with SGA.”

The MoU between VGA and SGA marks a significant step in fostering closer ties and enhancing the development of golf in Vietnam and Singapore. Through shared expertise, training, and competition, both associations aim to elevate the sport and offer mutual benefits to golfers and administrators in both countries.