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Uzbek Ambassador to UK

Uzbek Ambassador to UK Meets British Activist to Enhance Support for Hearing Impaired Community

London, June 10, 2024, The Europe Today: Uzbek Ambassador to UK, Ravshan Usmanov, recently held a productive meeting with Steven Iliffe, a renowned British specialist in working with hearing impaired persons and children. Iliffe is also a celebrated photographer, writer, and an activist within the deaf community, according to media reports.

Steven Iliffe visited Tashkent at the beginning of May to participate in an exhibition showcasing the works of graduates from a special photography course designed for hearing impaired youth. The event took place at the Tashkent House of Photography.

During the meeting, Iliffe shared his positive impressions of Uzbekistan, particularly praising the facilities and opportunities available for people with hearing impairments, especially children. He highlighted the republic’s commitment to supporting and empowering the hearing impaired community.

Iliffe expressed a strong desire to collaborate with Uzbekistan’s relevant authorities, leveraging his 25 years of experience in working with hearing impaired individuals, including children. His expertise spans various aspects of education and support for the deaf community.

Following comprehensive discussions, Ambassador Usmanov and Steven Iliffe agreed to establish a cooperative framework aimed at enhancing the quality of education for hearing impaired children in Uzbekistan. This collaboration will focus on developing effective methodologies and best practices tailored to the needs of these children.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in Uzbekistan’s ongoing efforts to improve the lives and prospects of its hearing impaired population, ensuring they receive the education and support they deserve.