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Scottish and German Football Fans

Scottish and German Football Fans Flood Munich Ahead of Euro Cup Opener

Munich, June 14, 2024, The Europe Today: The central streets of Munich were awash with excitement and color on Friday as Scottish and German football fans gathered in anticipation of the opening game of this year’s Germany-hosted Euro Cup.

The Scottish “Tartan Army,” renowned for their passionate support, have been flocking to the Bavarian capital for days to support their team in its showdown against the German hosts at the Allianz Arena. Scottish fans, donning traditional kilts and playing bagpipes, created a vibrant display of Scottish culture in the heart of Munich.

Local officials estimate that around 60,000 Scottish fans will be present in Munich for the opening fixture. “It feels as if most of the country are here,” said Scotland captain Andy Robertson. This tournament marks a significant milestone for Scotland, as they have not qualified for a European Championship since Euro 1996 in England and have not competed in the event outside the UK since 1992 in Sweden.

German football fans are equally enthusiastic about their country hosting the championship. “I’m really happy it is getting started now and I am sure there will be a great atmosphere,” said Benny Kuehnel, a 32-year-old software developer from Stuttgart. “I think there will only be a few times that Germany hosts a tournament like this, so we need to make the absolute most of it.”

The influx of fans led to bustling scenes in Munich’s city center, prompting warnings of overcrowding from local authorities. Fan zones were alive with football fervor, leading officials to advise supporters to disperse more evenly throughout the city. To manage the crowd, Munich police temporarily halted trains from stopping at the Marienplatz underground station, a measure that successfully alleviated the congestion and allowed the station to resume normal operations.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, police temporarily cordoned off an area near the parliament building where fans had gathered to watch the game. This precaution was taken after the discovery of a “suspicious object.” The owner of the backpack in question was detained and checked, and Berlin police confirmed via social media that the area was reopened to fans after the object was found to be harmless.

As the opening game approaches, both Scottish and German fans are eager to witness their teams’ performances, with the vibrant and spirited atmosphere setting the stage for an exciting Euro Cup tournament.