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Czech President Petr Pavel

Czech President Petr Pavel Applauds Outcome of Peace Summit on Ukraine

Prague, June 17, 2024, The Europe Today: Czech President Petr Pavel has expressed his approval of the results from the peace summit on Ukraine held in Switzerland over the weekend, stating that the event met expectations by making progress towards peace. He highlighted the significance of the overwhelming support from many countries for the UN Charter, Ukraine’s right to self-defense, and the need to uphold the country’s territorial integrity.

President Pavel remarked that the fact that some states did not sign the joint final declaration does not imply they oppose the summit’s objectives. He characterized the summit as an important initial step towards peace and emphasized the crucial role of including China in ongoing negotiations.

The two-day summit concluded with a joint declaration emphasizing that Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be the foundation for any future peace agreement. The declaration also called for the release of war prisoners, the return of all deported and displaced Ukrainian children, and the need to protect the country’s nuclear installations.

“The summit has brought us a step closer to peace, and it is essential to keep building on this momentum,” President Pavel said. “Ensuring broad international support, including from key global players like China, will be vital as we move forward in these negotiations.”

The peace summit, attended by representatives from eighty countries, aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration towards resolving the conflict in Ukraine. Despite some countries not signing the final declaration, the general consensus marked a significant move towards a unified stance on supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.