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Hoodh Ibrahim

Hoodh Ibrahim, Director of BRISD joins IFOAM Conference and 7th Organic Asia Congress

Handan City, June 20, 2024, The Europe Today: Hoodh Ibrahim, Director of the Belt and Road Initiative for Sustainable Development (BRISD) and prominent South Asian policy advisor was invited by the Government of China and International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements to join the Conference and 7th Organic Asia Congress in Handan City, Heibei Province, China.

Mr. Ibrahim, who also leads the Journal of Youth, Peace, and Security, engaged in crucial dialogues focused on the burgeoning organic exchange business along the Silk Road. His participation highlighted the critical role of emerging markets with diverse cultural, economic and ecological contexts in addressing global food security and promoting sustainable development across the region.

The conference was inaugurated by speeches by Heibei Provincial Government Leader and Deputy Mayor of Handan. Followed by a keynote address by former US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad on the key areas of cooperation between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Ibrahim, spoke at the prestigious Conference and 7the OAC on key steps to develop the organic industry for a sustainable future in the Maldives and South Asia. His address with the world leaders highlighted the importance of the principles of organics to support both human life and ecology. While recognizing the family farms as the heart of farming communities and as stewards of nature.

Mr. Ibrahim took part in various bilateral meetings with high-level officials and industry experts, representatives and experts from U.S. Organic Trade Association, Hebei University, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and U.S. Iowa Organic Association.

Mr. Ibrahim spoke with key industry leaders including Francis Blake, President of Organic Integrity Europe, Professor Yunus Qiao of China Agricultural University, and Amber Sciligo, Director of Science of the Organic Center of United States of America. These exchanges highlighted scope for organics innovation and development in BRI countries such as the Maldives.

Furthermore, Mr. Ibrahim engaged in crucial dialogues with Chinese government officials such as Hon. Li Jinyu, Secretary of CPC Handan Municipal Committee and Hon. Huang Jixian, Secretary General of China Certification and Accreditation Association regarding importance of building bridges of knowledge exchange and closer trade ties globally for food security and global market development.

The conference was a marked success with memoranda of understanding signed between the U.S. Organic Trade Association and Qimei Industrial Group Co, and between IFOAM-Organics Asia and Handan Organic Industry Association.

At conclusion of the conference, Mr. Ibrahim was invited as an honored guest to the official ceremony to establish the Hebei Representative Office of IFOAM-Organics Asia. This auspicious ceremony was the fruit of almost a decade of work to broaden the organic industry in China. The ceremony was graced by Leaders of Hebei Provincial Government, Leaders of Handan City Government, Representatives of IFOAM-Organics Asia, and Representatives of Qimei Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Reflecting on the engagement and speaking to media, Mr. Ibrahim noted “Attending the conference has been highly valuable opportunity. I am deeply inspired by the dedication of fellow leaders here who exemplify the hope and resilience necessary for good food and good future. The dedication of IFOAM and China’s government team is truly inspiring and sets a high standard for the upcoming meetings. I also use this opportunity to extend heartfelt gratitude to IFOAM, as well as the Government of China and Qimei Industrial Group for this momentous gathering of leaders and experts to address organics and food security around the world. Belt and Road Initiative for Sustainable Development (BRISD) will continue to support development investments in all countries along the silk route.”