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Zineb Mekouar

Moroccan Writer Zineb Mekouar Wins “Best Novel” Prize for “La Poule et son cumin”

Paris, June 20, 2024, The Europe Today: Moroccan writer Zineb Mekouar was honored with the prestigious “Best Novel” Prize by the readers and booksellers of the French publishing house “Points” on Tuesday. Mekouar’s acclaimed novel, “La Poule et son cumin,” has captured the admiration of a diverse jury and earned her this distinguished recognition.

Established in 2013, the Best Novel Prize is awarded based on the evaluations of a jury comprising 100 readers and approximately 30 professionals from the literary field. The award ceremony took place at the Moroccan Embassy in France, underscoring the cultural bridge between Morocco and France.

“La Poule et son cumin” explores the intertwining destinies of two radically different young Moroccan women. Mekouar delves into themes of gender equality, offering readers a profound and nuanced narrative that reflects the social dynamics of her homeland.

Expressing her joy and appreciation for the award, Mekouar emphasized the significance of this recognition. “This is a very significant prize as the novel is about my country,” she stated, highlighting the personal and cultural importance of her work.

Mekouar’s achievement not only celebrates her literary talent but also brings attention to Moroccan literature and the pivotal issues it addresses, such as gender equality. Her success with “La Poule et son cumin” marks a notable contribution to the global literary landscape.