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Beijing Youth Swimming Championships

Beijing Youth Swimming Championships Concludes with Impressive Participation

Beijing, June 23, 2024, The Europe Today: The Beijing Youth Swimming Championships, which saw nearly 1,300 young Chinese swimmers aged 10 to 18 compete, concluded on Sunday. The four-day event, held over the past two weekends, showcased a range of events including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and individual medley.

“Swimming is popular among youths nationwide. High-level events can inspire them to train even harder and achieve the best,” remarked Cao Wei, a technical representative of the Beijing Youth Swimming Championships. He noted that the participants had qualified through district-level events held in April and May, ensuring that the municipal championships featured Beijing’s top young swimmers.

While many participants may not pursue professional careers in swimming, they continue to embrace the sport as a lifelong hobby. Among them was Zhao Xiaotong, a 10-year-old from Dongcheng District, who was seen watching the event’s live broadcast in the rest area. “I am waiting for my turn,” she said. “I’m trying to get used to the atmosphere here and learn from others.”

Shortly thereafter, Zhao impressed the audience by winning the 10-year-old girls’ 50m backstroke and 200m individual medley titles. “The gold medal is the best gift for me. I am making breakthroughs step by step,” Zhao commented. “My parents wanted me to learn swimming to prevent drowning for safety concerns, but now, swimming is a part of my life.”

In contrast, Niu Chenxuan from Xicheng District, despite his rigorous training regimen of six days a week, did not make it to the final eight in the 10-year-old boys’ 50m and 400m freestyle events. “I train at least an hour each time and still need to do more. I hope to be a swimming coach or major in swimming at college,” Niu shared.

Coinciding with Olympic Day, the young swimmers also expressed their admiration for Olympic champions. “Zhang Yufei is my idol. I always watch her videos to learn skills and mentality,” Zhao noted.

Looking ahead, Beijing’s successful bid for the 2029 World Aquatics Championships adds to the excitement. Niu, who will be a high school student by then, said, “I won’t miss the world event held at home and want to see Qin Haiyang and other Chinese swimmers win more medals.”

The Beijing Youth Swimming Championships not only highlighted the city’s young swimming talents but also underscored the enduring popularity and significance of the sport among Chinese youth.