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China's Courier Sector

China’s Courier Sector Handles Over 80 Billion Parcels in First Half of 2024

Beijing, July 01, 2024, The Europe Today: China’s courier sector managed more than 80 billion parcels in the first half of 2024, according to a report released by the State Post Bureau on Monday. This milestone was achieved 59 days earlier than the previous year, highlighting the rapid growth and efficiency of the sector.

In June alone, the average daily express delivery volume surpassed 500 million parcels, while the monthly average for the first half of the year exceeded 13 billion parcels. These figures underscore the robust demand for courier services and the sector’s capacity to meet this demand efficiently.

The State Post Bureau noted that courier companies have been accelerating the elimination of outdated sorting and security check equipment as part of large-scale equipment renewal and trade-in initiatives. This includes increasing the proportion of new energy vehicles and promoting intelligent and low-carbon upgrades to their equipment. These efforts are part of a broader push towards sustainability and efficiency within the industry.

The significant advancements in China’s courier sector reflect a commitment to modernization and environmental responsibility, setting a strong foundation for continued growth and innovation in the industry.