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Zhang Zhijie

Chinese Badminton Player Zhang Zhijie Dies After Collapsing During Tournament in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, July 01, 2024, The Europe Today: A 17-year-old Chinese badminton player, Zhang Zhijie, tragically passed away after collapsing on court during a match at the Badminton Asia Junior Championships in Yogyakarta, Java, officials reported on Monday.

Zhang was competing against Japan’s Kazuma Kawano on Sunday when he suddenly collapsed and experienced seizures. The Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) stated that medical teams immediately attended to Zhang on the court before transporting him to a hospital.

In a solemn tribute, badminton players and officials in Yogyakarta observed a minute of silence on the court Monday morning before the quarterfinals. “The world of badminton has lost a talented player,” Badminton Asia and the PBSI said in a joint statement.

A spokesperson for the PBSI confirmed that medical examinations revealed Zhang had suffered cardiac arrest. “The conclusion of the examination and treatment of the victim at both hospitals showed the same results, namely that the victim experienced sudden cardiac arrest,” PBSI spokesperson Broto Happy stated.

China’s Badminton Association expressed deep sorrow over Zhang’s death, highlighting his passion for the sport and his promising future. “Zhang Zhijie loved badminton and was an outstanding athlete of the national youth badminton team,” the association said.

The Badminton World Federation also extended its condolences to Zhang’s family and the Chinese badminton community. “We offer our deepest condolences to his family, his teammates, to the Chinese Badminton Association, and the entire Chinese badminton community,” the federation stated.

Zhang Zhijie began playing badminton in kindergarten and joined China’s national youth team last year. Earlier this year, he won the singles title at the Dutch Junior International tournament, showcasing his exceptional talent.