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UBTECH and FAW-Volkswagen Announce Partnership to Develop Intelligent, Unmanned Car Factory

Shenzhen, July 03, 2024, The Europe Today: UBTECH, a leading humanoid robotics research and manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, has announced a strategic partnership with FAW-Volkswagen, one of China’s earliest joint venture automakers, to develop highly intelligent and flexible production lines and an unmanned car factory.

The collaboration aims to integrate UBTECH’s humanoid robots into industrial operations at FAW-Volkswagen’s factory in Qingdao, located in eastern China. Under the cooperation agreement, FAW-Volkswagen will provide UBTECH with access to its production lines at the Qingdao facility, where UBTECH’s industrial humanoid robot, Walker S, will perform tasks such as bolt tightening, component assembly, and handling of automobile parts.

UBTECH is committed to refining and optimizing its humanoid robots for industrial applications, supporting FAW-Volkswagen’s initiative to enhance the intelligence and automation of its factories. This partnership marks a significant step forward in the integration of advanced robotics into the automotive manufacturing industry.

The Walker S robot has already undergone on-site training at the factory of Chinese electric carmaker NIO and Dongfeng Liuzhou’s motor assembly workshop, demonstrating its capabilities in real-world industrial settings.

The collaboration between UBTECH and FAW-Volkswagen is expected to set new standards for automation and efficiency in the automotive manufacturing sector, paving the way for future advancements in intelligent factory operations.

Further details on the implementation and progress of this partnership will be shared as the project develops.