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Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer Addresses Nation as New UK Prime Minister, Promises Politics as a ‘Force for Good’

London, July 05, 2024, The Europe Today: Labour leader Keir Starmer addressed the nation from 10 Downing Street, declaring that politics can be “a force for good” following a decisive vote for change and national renewal.

“Now our country has voted decisively for change, for national renewal and a return of politics to public service,” Starmer stated. He emphasized the growing disconnect between the sacrifices made by the public and the service they receive from politicians, calling it “a weariness in the heart of a nation.” He added, “We need to move forward together.”

Starmer acknowledged that the lack of trust between the public and the government can only be mended by actions, not words. “We can make a start today with the simple acknowledgment that public service is a privilege and that your government should treat every single person in this country with respect.”

Addressing both Labour voters and those who did not support his party, Starmer assured, “If you voted Labour yesterday, we will carry the responsibility of your trust as we rebuild our country. But whether you voted Labour or not, especially if you did not, I say to you directly—my government will serve you. Politics can be a force for good.”

Starmer began his speech by paying tribute to his predecessor, Rishi Sunak, acknowledging his historic tenure as the UK’s first British Asian Prime Minister. “The extra effort that that would have required should not be underestimated by anyone,” he remarked.

Starmer spoke after arriving at Downing Street from a meeting with King Charles III at Buckingham Palace, where he was formally invited to form a government. The ceremony, known as the “kissing of hands,” officially marked Starmer’s appointment as Prime Minister.

A photo of the occasion served as the official announcement of Starmer’s new title. He proceeded directly to Downing Street following the royal meeting.

Earlier, Starmer arrived at Buckingham Palace for a private audience with King Charles. Initially, the two met alone, later joined by Starmer’s wife, Victoria. By the conclusion of his visit to the 775-room royal residence, the 61-year-old Starmer was officially recognized as Britain’s new Prime Minister.