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Uzbekistan Consul General Holds Talks with Guangzhou Trade Promotion Leaders

Guangzhou, July 09, 2024, The Europe Today: In a significant move to bolster trade and economic relations, the Consul General of Uzbekistan, Otabek Valiyev, held talks with Yang Yong, President of the Guangzhou City Foreign Trade Promotion Committee (CCPIT GZ) and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This meeting, highlighted by media reports, underscored the ongoing reforms and opportunities in Uzbekistan aimed at improving the business environment and enhancing the investment and export potential of local enterprises.

Key Discussions

During the talks, Consul General Valiyev informed the Chinese delegation about the recent reforms in Uzbekistan’s economic and social sectors. These reforms are designed to create a more favorable business climate, attracting investments and boosting the export capabilities of Uzbek enterprises. Yang Yong acknowledged the positive trajectory of trade and economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and China and expressed interest in expanding economic relations with Uzbek entrepreneurs.

Expanding Interregional Cooperation

Both parties emphasized the importance of expanding interregional cooperation and leveraging existing opportunities. They discussed establishing cooperative relations in various production industries, including agriculture, textiles, leather, and electrical engineering. By producing these goods in Uzbekistan, they aim to target markets in Central Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and European countries.

Business Mission to Uzbekistan

A key outcome of the meeting was the agreement on the importance of organizing a business mission to Uzbekistan. This mission will involve a delegation of business representatives led by the management of the Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The mission aims to establish bilateral partnerships and explore potential projects in Uzbekistan.

Role of CCPIT GZ

CCPIT GZ plays a crucial role in promoting and protecting the interests of companies and enterprises in Guangzhou. The organization brings together a diverse range of sectors, including manufacturing, import and export enterprises, banks, financial companies, legal consultants, IT and electrical manufacturers, tourism firms, and airlines. This comprehensive network positions CCPIT GZ as a key player in fostering international trade relations.

Looking Ahead

The discussions between Consul General Valiyev and Yang Yong mark a significant step towards strengthening economic ties between Uzbekistan and China. By leveraging the opportunities and reforms in Uzbekistan, both sides are poised to enhance trade, investment, and cooperative ventures, contributing to the broader goals of regional development and economic growth.