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NATO Summit

China Condemns NATO Summit Declaration as Provocative and Cold War-Minded

Beijing, July 11, 2024, The Europe Today: The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed strong condemnation on Thursday towards the recent declaration issued by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) during its Washington summit. According to a spokesperson, the declaration has intensified tensions in the Asia-Pacific region and reflects a Cold War mentality through its bellicose rhetoric.

Spokesperson Lin Jian denounced the content of the declaration, particularly its portrayal of China, as biased and provocative. “The declaration is filled with bias, smears, and provocations against China,” Lin Jian stated during a press briefing. He further emphasized that China has formally protested against NATO’s stance through diplomatic channels.

The NATO summit, which concluded in Washington, D.C., featured discussions and resolutions that outlined the alliance’s strategic priorities and global security concerns. While focusing primarily on NATO’s role in Europe and transatlantic relations, the declaration also addressed challenges posed by geopolitical rivals outside of its traditional sphere.

Lin Jian’s remarks underscore China’s discontent with NATO’s increasingly assertive posture towards non-European security issues, particularly in the Asia-Pacific. The spokesperson reiterated China’s stance on fostering cooperative and peaceful international relations based on mutual respect and non-interference.

As diplomatic tensions escalate following the summit, observers speculate on the potential ramifications for global security dynamics and international relations, particularly between NATO members and China.