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Crisis Unfolds: Flooding claims 35 lives in Tamil Nadu

Chennai, December 24, 2023, The Europe Today: In the wake of unprecedented rains in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu, at least 35 individuals lost their lives in flood and rain-related incidents this week, as reported by a local government official on Saturday.

The incessant rainfall led to severe consequences in numerous districts, resulting in the inundation of low-lying areas and disrupting road and rail connectivity. Tamil Nadu’s Chief Secretary, Shiv Das Meena, confirmed the tragic toll, highlighting that rescue operations in the affected regions have been concluded.

The subsequent focus has shifted towards the restoration of essential services, emphasizing the imperative need to address the aftermath of the calamity and facilitate the return to normalcy for the affected communities.

Addressing the extensive aftermath of the devastating floods and torrential rains in Tamil Nadu, Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena provided a comprehensive update on the ongoing restoration efforts.

Meena reported damage to approximately 175 locations, with substantial progress made in restoring 140 roads, while efforts continue on the remaining ones. In response to the disruption of essential services, steps have been taken to reinstate water supplies, utilizing tanker mobilization in areas severely affected.

A notable rescue operation successfully evacuated nearly 50,000 individuals from waterlogged regions to safer locations. Unfortunately, the calamity resulted in the destruction of 3,700 huts and 170 permanent houses, with agricultural losses extending to crops on 183,000 hectares due to inundation.

The comprehensive restoration initiatives underscore the collective response aimed at mitigating the impact of this natural disaster and rebuilding the affected communities. Government teams have been assessing losses.

The recent flood in Tamil Nadu arrived at a challenging juncture as the region was already grappling with recovery efforts from the damage inflicted by Cyclone Michaung earlier in the month.

The cyclone, which impacted Chennai and three adjoining districts, had left a trail of destruction, necessitating extensive rehabilitation and restoration measures.

The subsequent flood further compounded the challenges faced by the affected areas, hampering ongoing recovery initiatives. The dual impact of these natural disasters underscores the resilience required to address consecutive adversities and emphasizes the need for coordinated efforts to expedite the recovery process in Tamil Nadu.