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World welcomes 2024

World welcomes 2024

Auckland, December 31, 2023, The Europe Today: In New Zealand, a spectacular celebration unfolded as fireworks illuminated Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower, complemented by a synchronized laser light and animation show harmonized with landmarks such as the city’s Harbour Bridge. The festivities commenced with a captivating digitized countdown projected onto the tower’s base, leading to the launch of approximately 500 kilograms of pyrotechnics from the structure.

Simultaneously, another vibrant display adorned an inner-city lagoon in the capital, Wellington. Notably, in the island nation of Samoa, two distinct fireworks showcases were planned, with simultaneous displays in the capital, Apia, and on the largest island, Savai’i. Leveraging the expertise of New Zealand’s pyrotechnic professionals, meticulous coordination ensured that the fireworks illuminated both islands precisely at the stroke of midnight.

Australia’s largest city, Sydney, proudly living up to its moniker as the “New Year’s capital of the world,” seized the spotlight with its traditional firework extravaganza illuminating the iconic Harbour Bridge. As the countdown unfolded, the bridge stood cloaked in relative darkness, building anticipation before unveiling a resplendent burst of bright colors post-midnight. Executed with precision and grandeur, the showcase featured an impressive 8 metric tons of fireworks, captivating tens of thousands of spectators lining the waterfront. Renowned as one of the world’s most intricate displays, the spectacle comes with a hefty price tag of approximately 7 million Australian dollars (€4.3 million, $4.8 million). City authorities estimate a global viewership of around 425 million people annually, attesting to the international allure of Sydney’s New Year celebration. A family-oriented firework display had preceded the main event at the Harbour Bridge, enhancing the festive spirit of the occasion.

The Far East ushered in the year 2024 with magnificent fireworks displays, notably in Seoul and Tokyo. Across Japan, the resonating chimes of temple bells echoed as citizens congregated at shrines and temples to embrace the arrival of the new year. At Tokyo’s Tsukiji Temple, attendees were treated to complimentary hot milk and corn soup while queuing to ring a substantial bell, accompanied by a pipe-organ concert held before the temple’s altar. Meanwhile, Seoul marked the commencement of the year with the customary striking of the colossal Bosingak bell precisely 33 times, drawing tens of thousands to witness this annual tradition. The vibrant celebrations in both cities reflected a blend of cultural reverence and festive exuberance as communities embraced the dawn of a new year.