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Women Empowerment and Protection Against Harassment- Deep Insights of Expert from a Female Bar Council Specialist

On Tuesday, 26th December 2023, Nyla Raja, lawyer and fashion influencer was invited to the program ‘‘Dialogue with Experts’’, hosted by Advocate Zaildar Ahsan Shah at FM 101, Radio Pakistan.

During the interview, Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah asked her about How she decided to start these professions like Blogging and Advocacy? She answered that the fashion influence is a God given talent and I am pursuing my career as a fashion influencer and lawyer side by side. I did my LLB hons from University of London and MBA from Bahria University. She added that after completing my MBA I realized that this degree is not increasing my worth therefore I decided to start a professional degree so I started studying law degree for two years. I didn’t want to confine myself to a desk job. Law is a medium where I could make a larger impact on society.

Zaildar Ahsan asked her that being a lawyer is a difficult profession how you find it as a female lawyer? She answered that I always like challenging task and I find it very interesting because there is always something new to learn. In Daily routine we have different perceptive of these cases and judgment, so I try to learn everything. Additionally, she said that this is best degree and profession for me.

Answering to question about her expertise she said that she is expert in Harassment/Gender base violence. Since childhood I always want to work for human rights and justice. My passion for helping people has always been a drive for me. Now I also want to work on guardianship so I thought that guardianship should not always be given to women but sometime men also deserve guardianship. I never charge fee from deserving persons and I want to be more expert in field of law as well as in guardianship.

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Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah asked her about her opinion on harassment in Pakistan’s offices and in general Public and What laws are prevailing in Pakistan for harassment and how do you see them? She answered that initially I don’t have knowledge about harassments activities till I joined the department of Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH). In Pakistan there are very good initiated for the protection against harassment of women at the workplace. I was unaware that pointing someone unethically in office is also a type harassment and no one is allowed to text any female after office hours. Most of the organizations and offices have strict policies about harassment. I came to know that in our society law is protecting women at every stage.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah asked her about the reserve seat for female in the Bar Council? What do you think about that? Have you any plan to participate in the elections? She answered that it is very good initiated for the women of the Bar Council, this initiative shows very good impact for women in all over the Pakistan. This action will empower women of Bar Council. Me as a female always support women empowerment, but in the Bar Council I have never heard that any women participated in the elections so this initiative is lead woman to contest election. Additionally, she said that presently she has no thoughts about contesting this election but can’t predict about contesting election in future.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah asked her what are the steps to follow to be an influencer and in Pakistan there is a lot of fan following of influencers so what is their role in the betterment of Pakistan? Answering to this question she said that an influencer is someone who possesses the ability to impact the buying choices of others, leveraging their expertise, connections, or standing within their audience. Influencer is a type of marketing that involved using influential individuals on social media to promote a product or service. She said good influencer is the one who promote his own national dresses and makeup brands because of which our fashion market will grow.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah asked him What do you think about women empowerment and necessity of women empowerment in Pakistan? She answered that women herself is very powerful in our society. Women empowerment is crucial for Pakistan’s progress. Providing equal rights, education, and opportunities for women to enhance societal growth and economic development. Empowered women positively impact families and communities, fostering a more equitable and prosperous nation.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah asked her to give any message for women? She answered that I want them to learn about their rights and don’t allow anyone to do injustice with you and don’t be scared of anyone. Every woman has her own rights in the society. Women has right to get education, doing jobs and live a respectable life in the society. So i want women of Pakistan to empower themselves through getting their rights and contribute in the development of society and country.

In the concluding remarks Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah appreciate her for serving as a lawyer and influencer and doing efforts to spread awareness in the society about women rights. He added that no society or country can grow without empowering their women and you are the ideal example for young women.