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Franz Beckenbauer

Bayern Munich Honors Franz Beckenbauer with a 3-0 Victory in Bundesliga Tribute Match

Munich, January 12, 2024, The Europe Today: In a Bundesliga match dedicated to the late German football icon Franz Beckenbauer, Bayern Munich secured a poignant 3-0 victory against Hoffenheim at the Allianz Arena on Friday. Beckenbauer, who passed away at the age of 78 in Salzburg, Austria, was laid to rest earlier in the day in a cemetery near Munich, close to his childhood home.

Following his funeral, the stadium illuminated with the heartfelt message “Danke Franz” (“Thank you Franz”), as numerous former Bayern players gathered in the stands to honor the memory of “Der Kaiser” (“The Emperor”). Bayern manager Thomas Tuchel, expressing the significance of dedicating the game to Beckenbauer, noted it as a tremendous motivation for the team.

Despite Tuchel’s reservations about his team’s performance, he characterized the night as a “football celebration,” stating that it aligned with what Franz Beckenbauer would have wished for.