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BOE Unveils Trailblazing Automotive Display Technologies and Smart Cockpit Solutions at CES 2024

Las Vegas, January 12, 2024, The Europe Today: China’s foremost display manufacturer, BOE, showcased an array of avant-garde automotive display products and intelligent cockpit solutions at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The four-day event, attracting over 130,000 attendees and 4,000 exhibitors from 150 countries, featured BOE’s latest automotive display technologies, including oxide TFT, flexible OLED, 8K, Mini LED, and BD Cell.

Notably, BOE unveiled the world’s first 45-inch 9K oxide TFT Mini LED display. In the realm of flexible displays, BOE presented a comprehensive product line aimed at transforming car cockpits into versatile, comfortable spaces.

The company also introduced smart cockpit solutions seamlessly integrating software and hardware. Their inaugural 45-inch 8K in-vehicle display provides drivers with an expansive 88-degree viewing angle, mitigating distractions from rearview mirrors.

Utilizing BOE’s proprietary oxide low-carbon and Mini LED technology, the in-vehicle display achieves a 20-30 percent reduction in power consumption. Si Da, BOE’s Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, emphasized the company’s leadership in automotive displays, attributing it to their unwavering focus on technological innovation.

Beyond showcasing cutting-edge technologies, BOE leveraged CES to engage with global customers, forge partnerships, and explore future avenues of technological innovation.