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Permanent Neutrality

Turkmenistan Reiterates Commitment to Permanent Neutrality and Upholds “One China” Principle

Ashgabat, January 15, 2024, The Europe Today: In adherence to its internationally recognized status of permanent neutrality, Turkmenistan reinforces its commitment to implementing foreign policies in strict accordance with international law.

Emphasizing the principles outlined in the Charter of the United Nations, with a core focus on respecting the territorial integrity of states, Turkmenistan declares unwavering support for the “One China” principle.

In a formal statement, the country reaffirms that the government of the People’s Republic of China stands as the sole legitimate representative of the entire China.

This declaration underscores Turkmenistan’s dedication to diplomatic principles and its pledge to navigate foreign relations within the framework of established international norms, solidifying its position as a proponent of peace and stability on the global stage.