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Injuries Reported as Unannounced Protest by Climate Activist Group Causes Disruption in Halle, Germany

Halle, January 15, 2024, The Europe Today: During an “unannounced protest” organized by the climate activist group Last Generation in the city of Halle, Germany, on Monday, a lawmaker from the country’s environmentalist Green Party, Sebastian Striegel, and a journalist were injured, according to media reports.

The incident unfolded when a motorist allegedly mounted a footpath in an apparent attempt to navigate around the protest blockade, resulting in significant traffic disruptions. DPA news agency reported that Striegel and a journalist were monitoring the demonstration when the incident occurred.

Sebastian Striegel, a member of the state parliament, sustained light injuries to his leg. He expressed his concern over the use of violence, emphasizing the importance of peaceful expression in protests. “Whether farmers’ protests or climate demonstrations, nobody has to share the concerns of protesters. But the decisive factor remains — no violence,” Striegel stated.

Halle police confirmed that four activists from Last Generation had attached themselves to the road during the protest. The authorities launched an investigation into the incident, highlighting the challenges faced in removing demonstrators from the road. The protest, which began at 9:30 a.m. (0830 GMT), concluded at 1:25 p.m., underscoring the complexities involved in managing the situation.