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Uzbekistan Triumphs at Grand Prix Portugal 2024 with Gold Medal Wins in Judo

Tashkent, January 27, 2024, The Europe Today: In a stellar display of skill and determination, Uzbekistan’s athletes have secured noteworthy victories at the Grand Prix Portugal 2024, marking an impressive showcase of prowess in the world of judo.

Dilshod Baratov, a standout member of the Uzbekistan judo team, emerged triumphant in the up to 60 kg category. In a gripping final match, Baratov showcased his exceptional skills by defeating the formidable Michel Augusto from Brazil, clinching the gold medal for Uzbekistan.

The success continued for Uzbekistan as Diyora Keldiyorova, another talented athlete from the Uzbekistan judo team, secured victory in the women’s competition, competing in the up to 52 kg category. Keldiyorova’s remarkable performance culminated in a victory over Hungarian contender RĂ©ka Pupp in the final, securing Uzbekistan’s second gold medal at the Grand Prix Portugal 2024.

These outstanding achievements not only bring pride to Uzbekistan but also contribute significantly to the athletes’ international standing. The gold medal victories have added a substantial 700 world and Olympic ranking points to the profiles of both Dilshod Baratov and Diyora Keldiyorova.

The Uzbekistan judo team’s success in Portugal underscores the nation’s commitment to excellence in sports and highlights the dedication and skill of its athletes on the global stage.