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Azerbaijan's Embassy in Türkiye

Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Türkiye Prepares for Extraordinary Presidential Elections

Istanbul, January 31, 2024, The Europe Today: Azerbaijan’s embassy in Türkiye is actively engaged in the preparation process for the extraordinary presidential elections of the Azerbaijan Republic scheduled for February 7. The embassy, along with consulates in Istanbul and Kars, has set up polling stations to facilitate the voting process for Azerbaijani citizens residing in Türkiye.

According to a statement issued by Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Türkiye, polling stations #46 and #47 have been established in the embassy, #53 and #54 in the Consulate General in Istanbul, and #55 in the Consulate General in Kars. The statement outlines that Azerbaijani citizens permanently or temporarily residing in Türkiye, those on long-term business trips, and those present in the country on Election Day, with active suffrage and aged 18 or above, can visit the designated polling stations from 8:00 to 19:00 local time to exercise their voting rights.

The addresses of the polling stations are provided as follows: Embassy of Azerbaijan in Türkiye – Diplomatic site, Baku Street 1, Oran/Ankara; Consulate General in Istanbul – Zeytinoglu Caddesi. 65, Akatlar, Beşiktaş/Istanbul; Consulate General in Kars – Heydar Aliyev Avenue 9, Yusif Pasha quarter, Kars/Center.

A hotline number, +90 535 577 61 68, is available for Azerbaijani citizens in Türkiye to address any inquiries related to their participation in the elections.