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Turkmen President’s Debut Book Unveiled in Republic of Korea

Seoul, February 03, 2024, The Europe Today: A significant meeting was hosted at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Korea to celebrate the declaration of 2024 as the Year of “The Fount of the Mind of Magtymguly Fragi.” The event also featured the presentation of the book “Youth is the Support of the Motherland” authored by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, as reported by the press service of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry.

Turkmen students studying in the Republic of Korea actively participated in the event, which aimed to highlight the cultural and literary contributions of Magtymguly Fragi. Ambassador Begench Durdyev, in his address, underscored the profound significance of Magtymguly Fragi’s creative legacy, emphasizing themes of unity and humanism prevalent in the poet’s works. President Berdimuhamedov’s book, viewed as instrumental in shaping the perspectives of the younger generation, was also presented during the gathering.

Participants acknowledged the extensive efforts undertaken to promote Magtymguly Fragi’s heritage on the global stage. In this context, plans for 2024 include organizing conferences and meetings to enhance cultural cooperation. The announcement of 2024 as the Year of Magtymguly Fragi by the TURKSOY organization, an international cultural organization of Turkic-speaking countries, was particularly highlighted, signifying global recognition of the poet’s impactful work.

The meeting at the Turkmen Embassy served as a platform to foster cultural exchange, celebrate the rich literary legacy of Magtymguly Fragi, and strengthen cultural ties between Turkmenistan and the Republic of Korea.