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Goya Cinema Awards

International Artists Speak Out Against Israeli Attacks on Gaza at Goya Cinema Awards and Sanremo Music Festival

Madrid, February 12, 2024, The Europe Today: Numerous artists from Spain and Italy took a stand against the relentless Israeli attacks on Gaza, using prestigious platforms such as the Goya Cinema Awards gala in Spain and the 74th Sanremo Music Festival in Italy to voice their condemnation.

At the Goya Cinema Awards gala held in Spain on Saturday, prominent figures including Alba Flores, renowned for her role as Nairobi in the popular Spanish TV series Money Heist, acclaimed actress and singer Ana Belen, directors Estibaliz Urresola and Alejandro Martin, and singer Salvador Sobral, delivered statements denouncing Israel’s actions in Gaza. The gala saw many Spanish artists displaying messages such as “Stop the arms trade. Immediate ceasefire in Gaza,” attaching labels to their palms or badges on their attire.

The 74th Sanremo Music Festival in Italy also became a platform for artists to express their anti-war sentiments and call for an end to the ongoing conflict. Dargen D’amico, an Italian singer, asserted, “History does not accept to remain silent. Hold the fire,” during his performance. World-famous Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti, appearing as a guest artist on Feb. 8, drew attention to the plight of children in conflict zones, stating, “Nearly 500,000 children live in conflict zones.”

Tunisian-Italian rapper Ghali Amdouni used his song “Casa Mia (My Home)” to convey a powerful message, stating, “They are bombing hospitals for a piece of land.” Amdouni, who came in 4th in the final of the Sanremo Music Festival with this song, left the stage with a resounding plea: “Stop the genocide.”

However, Israel’s Ambassador to Rome, Alon Bar, expressed discomfort with the anti-war messages at the Sanremo Music Festival, claiming on his social media account that the festival was being used for “hate and provocative” discourses. The artists’ bold statements underscore the global attention and concern surrounding the conflict in Gaza, transcending borders and resonating within the international artistic community.