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Uzbekistan and Poland

Uzbekistan and Poland Discuss Expanded Economic Cooperation

Warsaw, February 12, 2024, The Europe Today: Representatives from the Embassy of Uzbekistan engaged in a productive meeting with Jacek Tomczak, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Poland. The discussions centered around the enhancement of trade, economic, and investment cooperation between the two nations.

During the meeting, both parties underscored the significance of Uzbekistan as an important, promising, and long-term partner of Poland within the Central Asian region. The Polish side expressed keen interest in further fortifying the mutually beneficial partnership across various sectors, emphasizing trade, economic, and investment spheres.

In 2023, the trade turnover between Uzbekistan and Poland reached $400.5 million, according to the Statistics Agency under the President of Uzbekistan. This figure comprised exports totaling $88.9 million and imports amounting to $311.6 million, highlighting the robust economic relations between the two nations.

Attention was specifically directed towards the potential for collaboration in key industries such as mining, textile, and pharmaceuticals. Both parties expressed a strong commitment to facilitating increased Polish investment and the infusion of advanced technologies into these sectors.

In addition to economic considerations, the meeting addressed the imperative matter of easing the entry of citizens of Uzbekistan into the Polish labor market. The development of an appropriate bilateral agreement was discussed as a means to streamline and facilitate this process, demonstrating the commitment of both nations to fostering cooperation not only in trade but also in labor and human resource development.

As Uzbekistan and Poland explore avenues for closer collaboration, the discussions signify a positive step towards solidifying their partnership. The commitment to economic development, investment, and mutual cooperation reflects the shared vision of both nations in navigating the evolving global landscape.