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2024 Homeland Spring Program

Ambassador Nguyen Tien Phong to Pakistan Speech at the 2024 Homeland Spring Program

Dear aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, our Vietnamese people living far away from the homeland, our beloved children of the motherland, of the beautiful country being rich in humanistic history and heroic traditions always,

Dear H.E. Mr. Tariq Osman Hyder, a very senior diplomat who went to Hanoi in 1973 for firstly setting up of the Embassy of Pakistan in Viet Nam,

Dear H.E. Mr. Salahuddin Chaudhry, former Ambassador of Pakistan to Viet Nam,

Dear H.E. Mr. Zaigham Uddin Azam, former Ambassador of Pakistan to Viet Nam and Madam!

Dear Mr. Shakil Ahmed, a great friend of the Embassy, of mine as well as of previous Vietnamese Ambassadors,

Ladies and Gentlemen, our Pakistani friends,

Dear Embassy staffs and families!

Today, I am very honored to welcome and meet you all, especially the compatriots from all over the friendly country of Pakistan at the Vietnamese Embassy, on the occasion of the beginning of Spring, the 2024 Lunar New Year of Dragon at this “Homeland Spring” event.

The presence of Vietnamese overseas today, together with us at the Embassy is a return to our origin, our roots when Tet and Spring come, it is the return and convergence of all our beloved homeland’s people, including me and the Embassy’s officials and family, it is the return to Vietnamese history, traditions, identities, and cultures for all of us.

Today’s event is also an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the Lunar New Year of Dragon 2024 with Pakistani friends, with the expectation that a Lunar New Year will witness development, prosperity, and happiness for all Vietnamese people as well as our dear Pakistani friends.

On behalf of the Party and State of Viet Nam, of the Viet Nam’s Embassy in Pakistan, with personal affection, I would like to send a message of kind regards, close feelings and best wishes for the Lunar New Year of Dragon 2024 to the beloved sons and daughters of motherland Viet Nam, to all distinguished guests.

As we already knew, the year 2023 ended with many major, complex, unpredictable changes, increased uncertainty, prolonged conflicts, local wars taking place in many areas, and weather becoming more and more extreme and fierce natural disasters; The world economy is slow to recover, negatively affecting every country, including ours.

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In that context, we have the right to be proud that, under the wise leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, with the efforts of the entire nation, including significant contributions from our compatriots abroad, of which oversea Vietnamese community in Pakistan is an important part, the country has achieved great achievements in all fields: Political – social stability; Defense and security is maintained; Foreign relations have continuously expanded and deepened; High and sustainable economic growth.

Specifically in the economic field: In the 3 years after the 13th Party Congress, GDP growth in 2021 reached 2.56%, in 2022 reached 8.02%, much higher than the 6 – 6.5% plan in the unfavorable context of Covid-19 (2021-2022). In 2023, GDP growth reached more than 5%, a high rate compared to other countries in the region and the world. For the first time, our country’s GDP reached 430 billion USD, ranking 3rd in ASEAN and among the 40 largest economies in the world, top 20 economies in terms of trade and attracting foreign investment.

The economy witnessed very positive and stable macroeconomic indicators such as: inflation below 4%, local currency devaluation below 2.5%; Exports increase by an average of 9%, reaching a record of 371 billion USD in 2022, foreign exchange reserves reach 100 billion USD in 2023; GDP per capita in 2023 reaches 4,284 USD, an increase of nearly 4% compared to 2022, FDI inflows in 2023 reach an all-time high of 36.6 billion USD, an increase of 32% compared to 2022.

The results of 2023 have contributed to deepening the country’s great achievements of historical significance after nearly 50 years of national unification and nearly 40 years of implementing the Reform process.

From a poor country, going through wars with many losses and pain that need to be healed; A country that was once besieged and embargoed, today, Vietnam has established diplomatic relations with 193 countries and territories; is a member of 70 regional and global organizations, taking on important international roles and responsibilities; Actively contribute to peace, stability and development in the world.

Vietnam has affirmed its image and position as an independent, self-reliant, dynamically developing country, a loyal and sincere friend, a reliable partner, and an active and responsible member of the community, international copper; is a country of peace, friendship, cooperation and development; is a beautiful, safe, friendly, hospitable destination…

We cannot achieve the above achievements without promoting the strength of great national unity, resilient will and courage, spirit of determination, self-reliance, and strong desire for independence, freedom, peace, and happiness of our nation, including the valuable and very important contributions of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews presenting here in particular and of the Vietnamese community abroad in general.

Vietnamese people abroad, no matter what generation, wherever they are, are Lac children – Hong children are always a part of flesh and blood, an inseparable part of the Fatherland, always present in the heart and feelings of the country and people of Vietnam.

And no matter where you are, under what conditions, what age group, what nationality, if you have Vietnamese blood, if you are a Vietnamese patriot, you can contribute to the Fatherland in your own way. Because love for the Fatherland is a simple, close and natural and intrinsic thing, a natural and legitimate need and desire of us all.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Lunar New Year – Tet is always very special and spiritually sacred for Vietnamese people. This is an opportunity for children who have gone far away to return and go home, to reunite in the love of family, homeland, and joyfully welcome the Lunar New Year. Like me and all Vietnamese here today, those who cannot return will still turn their hearts to their ancestral homeland, to the Tet with deep and sacred emotions.

According to tradition of our ancestors, Tet is an opportunity for us to respectfully report to Heaven and Earth, to our Ancestors about the past year, repair and clean up the house, and leave behind old and negative things, open your heart to prepare to welcome a new year with new energies, new hopes for a good future, and all prosperity.

Notably, in December 2023, the United Nations passed a decision to consider January 1 of the lunar calendar every year as one of the 10 United Nations holidays.

The special thing about this Lunar New Year is the Year of the Dragon, while the origin of the Vietnamese people as “Children of the Dragon – Grandchildren of the Fairy”, you will completely agree with me that the Year of the Dragon 2024 will bring many new opportunities for Vietnam to fly higher and farther.

Today’s Xuan Que Huong – Homeland Spring event, with exchanges and meetings, with peach blossoms, apricot blossoms and special dishes and traditions during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, I believe and hope that the flavors of Tet, even yet full, will be shared, spread to all our Vietnamese and esteemed Pakistani friends.

The longing and desire to celebrate a real Tet in the Fatherland will be filled with the accumulation of great successes in studying and working, then to be unbounded in joys and happiness when we immersed yourself in Tet with family in Viet Nam in the near future.

With that spirit, once again, I wish our compatriots abroad and our comrades and delegates a new year of good health, happiness and success.

Wishing for the great solidarity of the entire Vietnamese nation to be continuously developed.

Wishing our beloved Fatherland Vietnam ever more prosperity and happiness.

Wishing Viet Nam, Pakistan further friendship and comprehensive – effective cooperation.

New Year, new momentum, new victory!
Viet Nam, Pakistan Zindabad
Sincerely thank you!