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Turkmenistan eSports Team Gears Up for Central Asian Championship

Ashgabat, February 18, 2024, The Europe Today: Turkmenistan’s eSports team is diligently preparing for the upcoming Central Asian Championship scheduled to take place this summer in Uzbekistan. The team, set to participate in multiple disciplines including PUBG Mobile, eFootball, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike 2, aims to showcase their skills on the regional stage.

As reported by MIC, the Chairman of the Electronic Sports Federation of Turkmenistan, Nazar Udeumuradov, highlighted that despite the relative youth of eSports in the Central Asian region, Turkmenistan has been achieving commendable results in the international arena.

Notably, Turkmenistan takes pride in being the pioneer of the eSports movement in Central Asia, having established the National Electronic Sports Federation, setting the groundwork for the development and promotion of eSports in the region.

Chairman Udeumuradov expressed confidence in the preparedness of Turkmen cybersportsmen, citing the use of advanced technologies in their training regimen. The athletes benefit from comprehensive support, including monitoring by coaches, psychological guidance, and specialized physical training to ensure they maintain optimal physical and mental condition for competitive excellence.

The upcoming Central Asian Championship serves as a platform for Turkmenistan’s eSports team to demonstrate their prowess, competing against peers from the region. As the country continues to invest in the growth of eSports, the team’s participation reflects Turkmenistan’s commitment to advancing in this rapidly evolving and globally recognized field of competitive gaming.