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Pakistan, Azerbaijan Relations

The relations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan have been historically characterized by warmth and cooperation. There cultural and religious affinities contributing to the strong bilateral ties between the two nations.

Factors behind strong brotherly Relationship

Azerbaijanis raised Pakistan and Türkiye’s flags along with theirs to mark the country’s National Flag Day as an apparent gesture to thank the two countries for their support to Baku in its conflict against Armenia.

Azerbaijan’s Ex-Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Ali Alizadaon said that his country’s National Flag Day would be incomplete without the flags of Pakistan and Türkiye.

Pakistan always provided support to Azerbaijan in the irredentist claim on Nagorno-Karabakh. Pakistan having no friendly or diplomatic relations with Armenia because of this conflict. Pakistan have always provided both militarily and diplomatic support to Azerbaijan over the conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh. Pakistan has voiced its support for Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and has condemned Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijani territories. Similarly, in response Azerbaijan accept Kashmir as an integral part of Pakistan.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have also developed military cooperation over the years. They have engaged in military exercises and have exchanged visits between military officials to enhance defense ties.

Apart from military and diplomatic goodwill, both countries have shown interest in enhancing economic cooperation. They have explored avenues for trade and investment to strengthen bilateral economic ties. Energy cooperation, particularly in the oil and gas sector, has been a significant aspect of their economic relations. Recently, Pakistan ex-PM Mr. Shehbaz Sharif signed several MOUs with Baku. LNG import agreement signed between the two countries. Pakistan is facing serious energy crisis as well as reserve issues. Azerbaijan State Oil Company facilitating Pakistan in this aspect. Agreement of $120 million credit line for LNG has been decided.

Most of the Pakistani’s have faced discrimination in other countries, but when it comes to Azerbaijan, they feel solidarity, respect and brotherhood. Overall, the relationship between Pakistan and Azerbaijan is multifaceted, encompassing political, economic, and military dimensions.

Both countries have demonstrated a willingness to deepen their ties further, particularly in areas such as trade, energy, and defense cooperation.

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Mr. Imran Yousaf is Mentor – Civil Services Examination, Pakistan.