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China’s CNOOC Announces Bozhong 26-6 Oilfield Exceeds 200 Million Cubic Meters, Emerges as World’s Largest Metamorphic Rock Oilfield

Beijing, February 26, 2024, Europe Today: China’s largest offshore crude oil and natural gas producer, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), declared on Sunday that the cumulative proven oil and gas reserves of its Bozhong 26-6 oilfield have surpassed an impressive 200 million cubic meters. This accomplishment solidifies the Bozhong 26-6 as the world’s largest metamorphic rock oilfield.

Situated in the southern waters of the Bohai Sea, approximately 170 km from north China’s Tianjin Municipality, with an average water depth exceeding 22 meters, the Bozhong 26-6 oilfield has been a focal point of attention since its discovery last year. The recent revelation of newly confirmed reserves of oil and gas, exceeding 40 million cubic meters, underscores the field’s substantial contribution to China’s energy landscape.

In a statement, CNOOC highlighted that the reservoir of the Bohai 26-6 oilfield is embedded in metamorphic rocks beneath the seabed at a depth of several kilometers. The unique geological characteristics contribute to the significance of this discovery.

Zhou Jiaxiong, Deputy General Manager of the Tianjin branch of CNOOC, estimates that the oilfield has the capacity to yield over 30 million cubic meters of crude oil. This volume is anticipated to meet the daily transportation needs of more than a million urban residents for over two decades. Additionally, the oilfield is poised to produce over 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas, satisfying the household gas consumption of a million or more urban residents for more than 60 years.

The Bozhong 26-6 oilfield’s surpassing of 200 million cubic meters in cumulative proven reserves solidifies its pivotal role in contributing to China’s energy security. The significance of this achievement is underscored not only by the sheer volume but also by the longevity of its potential contributions to meeting the nation’s growing energy demands.