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Tens of Thousands Unite Across German

Tens of Thousands Unite Across German Cities in Massive Protest Against Far-Right Extremism

Berlin, February 25, 2024, The Europe Today: Tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of German cities on Sunday to vehemently protest against far-right extremism. Under the rallying cry of “We are the firewall,” demonstrators collectively emphasized the enduring taboo against collaborating with far-right ideologies in German politics since the Second World War.

The largest congregation took place in the northern city of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, where an estimated 50,000 people gathered, as reported by organizers. The resonant motto encapsulated the collective commitment to preserving the nation’s democratic values and rejecting any association with far-right ideologies.

Adding a cultural touch to the impactful gathering, Deichkind, a prominent hip-hop electronic band hailing from Hamburg, performed for the crowds. Their set concluded with a powerful chant echoing the sentiments of the protesters: “We don’t want any Nazis and no AfD,” explicitly referencing the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD).

The surge in demonstrations against far-right extremism in Germany follows an investigative report that uncovered a meeting of far-right extremists last year. The meeting allegedly discussed the deportation of millions of immigrants or individuals with migrant backgrounds. Disturbingly, some members of the AfD, along with two members of the major center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), were reported to be present at this gathering.

The massive turnout at these protests underscores the collective rejection of extremist ideologies and a resounding commitment to upholding Germany’s democratic principles. As citizens unite against the rise of far-right sentiments, these demonstrations serve as a powerful reminder of the nation’s dedication to inclusivity, tolerance, and the defense of fundamental democratic values.