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Article 20

“Article 20” Continues to Dominate Chinese Mainland Box Office Charts

Beijing, February 29, 2024, The Europe Today: The domestic realistic drama “Article 20” maintained its stronghold at the top of the daily box office chart on the Chinese mainland, according to the latest data from the China Movie Data Information Network.

On Wednesday, the film, which delves into the intricacies of the 20th article concerning justifiable defense in China’s Criminal Law, accumulated an impressive 25.83 million yuan (approximately 3.64 million U.S. dollars) in ticket sales.

Securing the second spot on the daily box office rankings was the domestic comedy-drama “Pegasus 2,” contributing a substantial daily revenue of 21.35 million yuan. Following closely behind, the comedy “YOLO” claimed the third position with a noteworthy 14.1 million yuan in ticket revenue on the same day.

“Article 20” has resonated with audiences, offering a compelling narrative that explores legal complexities within China’s Criminal Law. The film’s continued success underscores its popularity and the audience’s appreciation for its realistic portrayal and thought-provoking content.

As the Chinese film industry thrives with diverse genres and compelling storytelling, “Article 20” remains a standout production, capturing the attention and patronage of moviegoers across the nation.